There are many brands, types and styles of fountain water pumps in the market nowadays. If you are contemplating to buy this kind of pumps, be it for your garden fountain or for indoor fountain decorations purpose, having some basic information about them is going to be very useful. Here are some simple tips on how you can easily choose the right fountain water pumps that you can make use of.

Things To Consider When Selecting Fountain Water Pumps

The GPH abbreviation on fountain water pumps stands for Gallons Per Hour. The GPH provides you information regarding the needed flow rate for your fountain to have an adequate water flow. The GPH is the key criteria to consider when choosing the right type of pump to purchase. If you are looking for tabletop fountain water pumps, for example, then you should look for a pump with GPH of 50 to 100 for smaller pumps, and a GPH of 350 to 570 for larger pumps.

You should also consider your fountain’s head height and max head. The head height should be the distance between its water release point and the fountain basin. The max head, on the other hand, is the height where the water is being pushed by the pump at a maximum.

When buying fountain water pumps, make sure to opt for one that has a max head which is higher than the fountain. For example, if your fountain measures 4 feet starting from the water release point to the basin, then you should look for a pump with a 5 to 6 feet max head. This is to make sure that the water flow remains strong even at 4 feet.

The size of the outlet tube is important as well. Knowing the size of the outlet tube helps ensure that the tube of the fountain will fit into the pump’s opening. Make sure to do the measurement from the inner diameter of the tube in your high pressure pump.

Indoors And Outdoors Fountain Water Pumps

Both indoor fountain and outdoor fountain water pumps usually come with WT model numbers along with 3 pin plugs. For pumps that can only be used exclusively indoors, the pumps usually have a WP number and 2 pin plugs.

If you are to buy fountain water pumps for indoor use, make sure to avoid buying those with very large GPH as this may result in excessive splashing because it is too powerful. A 10-inch tabletop fountain with a GPH of 40 to 70 small water pump is already good enough.

For medium-sized fountains that are about 36 inches, a GPH of 100 to 200 will already suffice. If you have a fountain which is about 6 feet, it might need a GPH of approximately 250 to 350. Take note that, if a fountain is more than 12 inches, then it will be a lot better if you purchase a pump that is more powerful. There are some fountain water pumps nowadays that come with a switch which can be used to control the water flow. This will allow you to adjust the flow of the water depending on your requirements and preferences.