So what does it mean to have a career in Music?

I know that for many of you reading this, the answer would be a record deal, touring, sell-out performances, video’s, paparazzi and fame.

I’m not here to discourage those dreams.

On the contrary, in order to be successful in a music career, you have to foster dreams and have a strong desire to follow them.

You need to visualise and imagine exactly the life you want and then you need to take steps toward that life, no matter what your age or background. For more details Live band for hire

However, where those steps lead you is anyone’s guess.

It may take some soul searching to understand and be honest about your desires in music.

If you simply desire recognition and fame and are using music to fulfil that dream, I strongly suggest you stop now because either you will feel like you are banging your head against a wall or you will achieve fame and not feel happy with where you end up.

If you want music in your life because it makes you feel good and you just want to feel that way in your work and career then please read on.

In this series of articles I want to explore several musical stories and look at how people have managed to achieve a life in music.

I am going to start with an email my Dad sent me a few days ago.  It contained this video.

(Warning!  If you haven’t got any tissues nearby, please go and get some now….)

In Sung-bong Choi’s very difficult life he discovered one thing capable of taking him out of his daily hardship and worries and make him “feel like a different person”.  That thing is music and specifically singing.

All of us experience difficult times in our lives.  I, and just about every other musician I’ve ever spoken to, agree that music and its practice has provided a refuge,  a safe, nurturing place we can be in whenever we choose and a place that belongs to each of us exclusively. That is one of the things we love about it and one reason we choose to keep it a focal point in our lives.

Even if you don’t practice music, I think you can relate to that feeling.